Decentralized POS Solutions on the EOS Blockchain

The ONEPAY to Rule Them All

ONEPAY is a revolutionary point of sale (POS) system that allows businesses around the world to begin receiving major cryptocurrencies as payments from customers. Traditional payment systems rely on centralized banking and credit institutions. In contrast, ONEPAY leverages the power of blockchain and decentralized cryptocurrencies in order to facilitate the exchange of funds between consumers and businesses. Best of all, our decentralized POS system runs on the EOS blockchain, so that you can enjoy lightning fast transactions at a fraction of the cost!

In addition to in-person transactions, ONEPAY intends to be the premier solution for accepting all major cryptocurrencies on the web. With integrations to Shopify, Magento, and more, ONEPAY eCommerce is a simple to integrate payment processor for online web-stores.

We are bringing huge changes to the retail POS industry - for both businesses AND consumers. Retailers enjoy benefits that are not offered by traditional payment processors, and holders of our token earn 0.5% of our gross transaction value.

Revolutionary TPS

Because we utilize the EOS blockchain, our POS infrastructure supports up to 100,000 TPS. That's 10x more than VISA!

Lowest rates

0.5% merchant transaction fees - unprecedentedly low compared to traditional credit cards and payment processors.

Reduced Fraud

Since people pay with their phones, the chance of fraud and chargebacks is greatly reduced.

Revenue Sharing

Holders of our token receive quarterly payments of 0.5% of our gross transactions based proportionately on the number of tokens held.
The better we do, the better you do! 

ONEPAY Whitepaper

Read our whitepaper to learn more about how the blockchain has made it possible for us to pass along savings to users by cutting costs for merchants and sharing revenue with token holders.


Follow us from start to finish as we revolutionize and disrupt the POS industry using the most bleeding edge blockchain: EOS.

Q4 2017

Product Prototyping

Outlining the requirements for the product and coding the POS application, as well as a mobile NFC wallet.

Q1 2018

Crowdsale and Hiring

We will raise money in order to begin hiring marketing and sales specialists, as well as attracting high profile advisors.

Q2 2018

Design & Prototype

Our POS and Mobile App software will be underway, and we will begin work on an in-house POS prototype.

Q3 2018

Beta Testing and Field Tests

We begin testing our POS pilot system at retail locations. Any feedback collected will be used for improvements.

Q4 2018

Strategic Partnerships and Product Refinement

We ramp up our marketing and sales teams in order to license our POS systems to the marketplace. In addition, we refine our product and prepare for official launch.

Q1 2019


Our revolutionary POS system goes live. We continue to grow our retail client portfolio.

Prototype Videos

The ICO is now over! Thank you for your support!